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try again. fail again. LP


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    released by VENDETTA 07/20013
    artwork by Gwaendo

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don't you try to solve this with a knife. i understand. we're doomed. i'll take it all back. oh no, where's my strength? walking alone through this desert no breaking news. not a sign of life. going nowhere, heading everywhere. a ship without a home . this is the curse of redemption. my hope, my breath. fading. fading away. Breaking. still don't try to solve it with a knife. how are you gonna live, if you keep living against yourself. it wouldn't change a thing. brutal minds, misery times. forcing yourself to be someone you will never be. now we see what's left, when we're loosing ourselves. calm down, we've got the right. remain silent. you're cheating yourself, if you keep running. still running. denying the person I call myself. this is a long walk. my ways they ways shorten. my feet they hurt. on empty streets. still walking. striving...
choking 02:22
it’s been four years now and i’m still learning.year for year for years. but i won’t stop blaming you for these miserable times I had to go through. glossy magic. a big fat failure. so here we are – fuckin’ losers. one lover cursing another ‘til death. still so thirsty , left with empty cups... give me something else than this black piece once named heart. i’ve lost my heart. my inner peace. this tree’s fruit is poison. choke it out. let go. spit it out. let go. come home. feel sorry. an eye for an eye leaves everyone blind. Forgive me. an eye for an eye. Blind.
sharp knife 02:39
torn in between you and me. i want to be. i want to see. becoming myself in the other. searching for what makes me whole. just turns out to be a way to cover the selfishness tangling my soul. torn between choices. lacking direction. unable to decide. i want to be. Want to break out of this brutal irony. expectation is a sharp knife. a haunting sore. what do you think of when you sleep? what do you dream of when you wake? expectation is a sharp knife. cutting quick and deep. everything, but still nothing is all I ever take. no more trouble thoughts and tangled hearts. no more living in yesterday, no more in tomorrow. let go the self-inflicted sorrow. no more somewhere in between. no mourning and fear. it’s all in front of us right here. take the time to regain a life. expectation - a sharp knife.
between tasteless routine and simulated reality. we dance our lives down flashy streets of artificial meaning. [and ruins of consumed emotions]. inhale and fade like the lights. burn down and out to fall asleep wasted. be sure to be safe. be sure to know it all. be sure to be safe. be sure to know what’s right. Wrap your heart in dogmatic verses. cite them in your talk. put them on every wall. another self-righteous truth in simple lines. appropriate measures for appropriate times. and it feels so right. wear this stigma like a crown. don’t think. don’t feel. just choke it down. only to wear this stigma like a crown. and we still are part of this.
where to go 03:06
where would we go. absence makes the heart grow fonder. so they say. i move on. still longing for progression. chasing 'serious' wisdom. celebrating humans knowledge and personal fiction. that i can make it on my own. Walking along this path I realize, that I need to come back. where would we go, when we're unsure. where would we go, if not to you. and you still welcome me anytime. no matter how long i've tried to build another home on the other side. unconditional, this seems pure.
haunted faces. useless lives. bright lights. waking nights. some kind of home. no place to go. starving hearts and bodies all over this town.  moral isn’t touched. affection is blind. locked up in suitcases passing by. moral isn’t touched. affection. blind. locked up in suitcases passing by. dignity is wasted on every sidewalk. youth never existed. just scars and dull dreams. youth never existed. no story. no voice. just the manifestation of our human wrong. lets make it heard. out of poverty, poetry. out of suffering, song.
while you are sleeping, they take your dreams. they steel your life. and they won't care, if you ve known this already. between the lines they speak, they breed the lie - we bleed. they won't care, if you've known this already. take my number. count me down. down to zero. you ve been lurking you ve been hiding for so long. still pretending. still whispering your plans. i took them in. i swallowed them. this time remember. if we're walking together. there will be fire. let's keep on hunting, whatever fights our fire
they turned their heads. and walked away. it seemed so easy. the only solution that was left. everyone is afraid of showing the inner of a broken heart. self compassion won’t fill this empty hole. all the sisters and their mothers. everyone is afraid. the brothers and their fathers. everyone is afraid of showing the inner of broken souls.  no one cares for another. every ones hurt. the cut. so deep. Heartlessness. no one cares. still haven’t forgotten the days. when we lived as we were one. body’s weakened. this body is bleeding. self-righteousness brings us to fall. this inner war has made us to slaves of our egoistic minds. this bitterness has faked us through and through. and we keep relying on bitter endings. what was once so frail has become a big cold stone. self-centered lives on their way to the cliff. wounded bodies. amputated hearts. this wasn’t my fault. this is my excuse. self-righteousness isolates the truth. where will this get me? where will this get you? this machinery eats us all. bitterness grows, if everyone’s afraid of showing something not just anything, something that matters. something that’s real. self-righteousness isolates any truth.
they run 04:31
here they run. no sound to be heard. and still a hammering head. no chance of standing still. walk and walk don't take a breath. keep on hasting. never find rest. one second of silence. seems to be wasted time in a wasted life where everyone runs until we're gone. blind. still fighting. Light, will you ever come back. this war is frightning. fire will you ever come back. i want to break the noize of buzzing glass and steel. monotonous thoughts, static rituals. Light, will you ever come back. Calm to finally feel again. Fire, come and walk with me. if you dont, nothing's left. everyone's gone. nothing's left. absolutely nothing. cause you don't feel.


released July 1, 2013



all rights reserved



VYST Leipzig, Germany

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